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What is the stratosphere, however, is exactly? The stratosphere is a part of the atmosphere , that is, a gas layer which protects the earth

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Especially in the last year was the term " stratosphere " very frequently in the media. What the stratosphere , however, is exactly?
The stratosphere is a part of the atmosphere , that is, a gas layer which protects the earth.
This Earth's atmosphere is divided into several layers ( see figure). The lying from the ground up to the beginning of the stratosphere layer is called the troposphere , where the water vapor is included , making this layer is also called weather layer because here the weather is going . The main difference between the layers is the temperature. Up to the stratosphere at about 16 km altitude , a temperature drop is recorded . So that means that it's getting colder the more the farther you go up - comparable to the temperature on the mountain peaks. The coldest area , called the " tropopause " is between ~ 13-18 km altitude and separates the stratosphere from the troposphere . In the stratosphere , from an altitude of about 16 km altitude , the temperature increases but again. Therefore, the stratosphere is because the limit of rising air masses. Clouds, smoke and water vapor therefore not reach the stratosphere but wide in the horizontal direction. This is also the main difference between the troposphere and the stratosphere. The ozone layer provides the highest heat increase (from -60 ° C to nearly 0 ° C) , since the ozone absorbs UV radiation from sunlight and converts it into heat . From the ozone layer , a temperature drop is therefore again recorded .
In the stratosphere, the air is transparent since it does not absorb visible radiation , thus a heating by sunlight also not possible. From here, we can observe the weather and you have an unrestricted view of the Earth. Therefore here is also often the "edge of space" mentioned, but although already over 99 % of the atmospheric mass from here below a , the air envelope is far from there to the end . It will follow the meso - , thermo - and exosphere .

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