AstronautSpace advertising | Capture space with your product!

Advertising in space offers a new way of advertising, and a new possibility to attract attention. It is an uncommon way to advertise that impresses people – probably also the media!

This time you can see photos and videos of your item from another perspective than usual: from high above with breath taking views of more than 1.000 kilometers and with the earth in the background – we make it possible! 

Use a new and efficient way of advertising, especially if you combine it with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. as on these platforms your pics and videos can be shared and therefore spread to millions of people.

The principle is simple:
An extremely calm stratospheric balloon brings your product, logo, photo, mascot, electrical appliance, mobile phone, so nearly all things, even messages and marriage proposals outer space. Concurrently pictures and videos are taken. At a height of about 25.000 – 35.000m the earth’s curvature as well as the space are getting clearer and clearer to see, which makes it possible to see regions and cities, probably you or your customers can even find his or her hometown!

The balloon bursts after one hour in space and by a parachute the camera, as well as the transported item are arriving safely in an area within 1-5km of the starting point. By using a special technology we are able to track the landing area in advance and locate the item fast. Then the flight data, such as the temperature and altitude are evaluated and the pictures and videos are sent to you.

Our advertising flights are carried out with special material, are approved by the air traffic control and of course insured.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and booking. We are looking forward to your inquiry.


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